The concept of 3'O' Model ,which enables IT functional teams to work in a centralized ,automated fashion -saving time


3 'O' Model (Onsite, Offshore, Offsite)

VIT’s Right Sourcing philosophy is focused on the principle that all activities of a business should add value to the bottom line, and are integrated along the process. This has given rise to the concept of 3 ‘O’ Model, which enables IT functional teams to work in a centralized, automated fashion – saving time, cutting costs and increasing effectiveness of critical IT activities without compromising on quality.


Our 3 ‘O’ Model (Onsite, Offshore, Offsite) empowers our customers the option of selecting the most suitable and optimal combination of our onsite, offshore and offsite or near shore delivery capabilities to give you the best cost and time advantage.

VIT's Right Sourcing philosophy
is focused on

3 'O' Model (Onsite, Offshore, Offsite)!

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VIT resources may work onsite at the customer location, giving you the advantage of having our expertise at your doorstep.They may work even from offsite (or near site) location, at one of your global development/delivery centers.They may work offshore at one of the VIT’s development centers, providing you an extended virtual office with 24/7, year-long support.


Long-standing partnerships and business alliances have led to the establishment of dedicated offshore development centers for Fortune 100 clients in Singapore & India equipped with the latest technology and highly secure links that ensure continuous and reliable connectivity to the customer. It is in the DNA of our organization to establish delivery centers in the build operate transfer (BOT) model.

To develop the
3'O' model

If the situation so demands, we work through a combination of these models.As you can see our 3’O’ Model offers our customer the combined advantage of global skills at a competitive cost.To develop the appropriate 3’O’ model unique to a project, we work closely with our clients on each individual project. This minimizes risk and ensures that planned business value is realized. We then develop and implement appropriate strategies to guarantee that the project is successful.
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Using our
3'O' approach

Using our 3’O’ approach we supply best practice people, process and products, to work transparently with the client organization carrying out tasks and projects onsite, and offsite (locally and offshore). We blend in-sourcing, near and far-shore outsourcing to match the client needs and to maximize the ROI, the profile of the blend is adjusted over time as the relationship, performance and business goals change.
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