The organizations progressively take a stab at higher execution and efficiency as they are turning to big enterprise architecture to advance strategic objectives such as cost saving, operational efficiency and conveying IT-empowered business innovation.

We provide all IT Services from Application Development, Maintenance to Software Testing and Support with a mix of Business Consulting and Right Sourcing procedures. We offer the clients with better value propositions to expand their operative proficiency.

Application management services include providing the complete framework for development and maintenance of applications to support your business needs. Aara Tech offers a highly specialized service of SDLC Conceptualization by sketching out well-defined and highly customized software life cycle process for the client. Utilizing this SDLC methodology, Aara Tech closely communicates with clients to define business needs and requirements, to create models, and to develop/test software applications.

AARA Tech's Software services are extended to the following:

  • Strategic Planning and Crisis management
  • System Analysis and Designing
  • System Engineering and Modeling
  • Application and Software development
  • Functional Implementation support

  • Our SDLC Methodology

    Aara Tech has a well-defined and mature eight phase application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teamsspread across the onsite and offshore locations. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked which can be used by our customers.


    Aara Tech Provides a technical support to aid the effective usage of applications

    Operations and Production Support

    Our experts' team is trained on numerous support-related skills including but not limited to technical skills, problem debugging, problem visualization, integration and environment understanding, problem simulation, documentation skills and more. We ensure that your business critical applications are up and running, providing support for 24x7 operations.

    Continuous Improvement

    We make sure that maintenance is for continuous improvement and take care of enhancements or improvements to increase the end user satisfaction and business potential. We relive you from the painstaking experience of re-engineering or migration of existing applications.

    Client Benefits:

    We bring with us the quality experience in serving top notch banking clients that requires vigilant support. Aara Tech turns your Application Production support from a nightmare to a dream-come-true.

  • We support your business, not only your systems
  • We maintain quality, not only your applications
  • We bring in our domain expertise and technical excellence to keep the cost at a minimum
  • With the renewed focus on managing the business critical information that is scattered in multiple documents that organizations have received, generated and filed over the years, Aara Tech offers you solutions to seamlessly align your business needs within a shorter time.

    With rapid changing technology challenges in mind, we provide solutions to manage content that applications can access and consume, as services for SOA enabled solutions. This will drastically reduce time, effort and cost spent in development and testing as well as gain better application portability and interoperability.

    Aara Tech's solutions offers you the industry's best cost effective solutions to efficiently reuse the information captured in documents and managing the flow, thereby avoiding the synchronization effort and the cost of maintaining redundant data at multiple locations.

    We would cater the document management needs by organizing, controlling, accessing, and delivering content more intelligently. Information access, Search, Categorization and Rule based extraction are no more complicated problems which require complex solutions, but you can get the benefits of our competency in offering better, cost-effective solutions for these critical areas

    Content Transformation

    Today's vast options for storing and transmitting content through channels such as internet, printed material, mobile phones, video etc., makes it a challenge for enterprises to deal with content transformation techniques. We offer support for seamless approach to store, manage and transform contents.

    Business Process Management

    We offer the industry's best solutions in servicing your enterprise needs in:

  • Building sophisticated, user-friendly, web based applications for forms processing
  • Setting up the business process which can be data-driven and completely automated with excellent offerings to business to get their timely business performance reports, quick and informative dashboards, alerts etc
  • Handling voluminous mission-critical transactions with ease

  • Enterprise Content Integration

    Accessing information scattered in and out of the enterprise to accomplish business goals is a challenge to any organization. We offer you solutions that would:

  • Make information access an effortless play
  • Organize and make the content of interest available at a mouse click distance
  • Ensure that your critical and sensitive information is accessible only for safe hands

  • Web Content Management

    We ensure your web portals are user friendly and responsive to your business needs, thereby increasing user satisfaction and business productivity.

    Client Benefits

    Reduced operational costs by replacing the conventional way of maintaining and distributing documents (filing, printing and faxing) with content management portals and solutions

  • Increased accessibility to resources across enterprise
  • Efficient handling of information flow
  • Higher level of security for documents and information

  • We as a team deliver you the best of industry services with highest commitment never compromising on quality. Quality assurance is more than simply testing and certifying that a software system works. It is to guarantee the integrity and reliability of your business systems.

    Aara Tech offers you the quality management and assurance services that are carefully planned, and executed in a controlled environment, which caters to and exceeds client expectations.

    "A good plan executed is better than a perfect plan never executed". Though organizations define processes, the real challenges are in terms of processes not being followed and often overlooked. The lack of control over the quality process and a system of feedback from the practitioners results in the above issues.

    We at Aara Tech help you in the following processes:

  • Define and implement your Quality Management System
  • Develop and review process, policy and other artifacts of your QMS
  • Conduct pilot implementations in selected projects
  • Release the QMS policies and ensure a control over the defined policies and foster an environment to adhere to the same
  • Enable quality as a way of delivering solutions by offering continuous learning through formal training and knowledge sharing
  • Plan and conduct internal audits
  • Conduct management reviews
  • Use internal audit report findings to fine tune the QMS policies and its implementation

  • Client Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate process overheads
  • Reduce operational costs

  • We find ourselves at the beginning of the data driven economy. Business analytics makes extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling and fact-based management to drive decision making. We at Aara Tech can help leverage your existing legacy infrastructure into a full-blown Big-Data Analytics platform, and can convert your once considered waste of space data into new revenue streams.

    Working closely with SME from business and leveraging cutting edge technologies, we can help you in the areas of:

  • Streamlining Business Process
  • Improve IT Operational efficiency, by continuously monitoring your IT infrastructure and predict any outages
  • Predictive modeling to drive sales

  • Client Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate process overheads
  • Reduce operational costs

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