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Leasing System is a web based CRM & lease/loan origination software, optimized for the Equipment Finance & Leasing Industry. It is a product that helps provide corporate loans to the customer by leasing equipments, vehicles and other industrial machines. The system is able to serve various sizes of industries, including SMEs to large corporations, state enterprises and subsidiaries of multinational companies.

Aara Tech`s Leasing Product is built using state of the art technologies and will have features that are best in the leasing industry. The system will help to support decision-making in the lending lifecycle to banks and financial services companies. The system enables banks to improve the agility, transparency and efficiency of their lending solutions.

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Lease Initiation

The user is greeted with search screen with multiple search options to search by prospect, customer, credit line.

Simplify Lease Management

Aara Tech`s Lease Management System is a web based software solution for the Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry.

Aara Tech Group has been providing highly customizable technology solutions for Fortune 500 Banks and Financial Institutions for well over a decade. Aara Tech`s Leasing System is our flagship product which provides an end-to-end leasing solution, with a robust feature set which can support the needs of the Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry.

Aara Tech`s Leasing Solution simplifies every part of Lease and Asset Management - from Lease Initiation, Contract Preparation, Asset management including Registration and Insurance, Account Receivables to Lease Closure. The product is run as a web based application which can be accessed anywhere using a browser. Aara Tech`s Leasing System is built on the latest technologies and is full customisable for your business.

Accounts Receivable

Aara Tech`s Leasing Solution has a powerful accounts receivables system which handles PDC (Post Dated Cheques), payment processing, delinquency, accruals, amortization, Profit & Loss statements, balance sheet and G/L Posting.The user can search for all the details of a particular contract, and make financial transactions on the contract.

Integrated Asset And Lease Management Solution

Aara Tech`s Leasing Software is powered by a powerful accounting system which can handle multiple equipment and vehicle lease portfolios. The Accounting System is capable of establishing Credit lines, Manage Payments and Issue invoices.

The Asset Management module provides end-to-end visibility and tracking of customer`s assets - with options to add unlimited assets per lease, manage depreciation, insurance and taxes for each asset.

Backend Features

A robust backend handles all the functions related to contract termination, asset repossession, criminal litigation and enforcement process. A powerful reporting system provides detailed MIS reports.

Why Choose Us

Aara Tech`s Leasing System is developed by functional experts in the Leasing and Equipment Finance industry. We continually take feedback from our customers to ensure that our product is updated based on evolving requirements. Aara Tech`s Leasing System will increase user productivity, reduce errors and increase your profit margins!

5 Reasons Why We Are Different

1) Fully customizable for your needs.

Aara Tech`s Leasing System is completely parameter driven, and can be configured to suit your business needs.

2) Intitutive and interactive User Interface.

User friendly graphical user interface, with user defined screens and workflow oriented processing, makes complex processes look simple.

3) Reduced Installation and Configuration Costs.

Aara Tech`s Leasing System can be run on a web browser, thus greatly reducing the time needed for software installation and configuration.

4) Data Migration and System Integration.

Easy integration of existing data from your legacy internal systems.

5) Over a decade experience in the banking industry.

Aara Tech and Group has been serving banks and financial institutions for over 14 years.

Some of its features include:

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