A next generation app for the next generation customers who want to provide the concierge sales services to their clients.

Aara Tech’s mortgage solution enables users to find and manage properties in Google Maps, track loans, built-in mortgage calculator, contact other users and keep track of their progress. The frontend features are backed by a robust backend module which covers user configuration and registration, settlement, customer service screens, manage new properties, loan status, and customized reports, all of which can be configured to suit your requirement. A loan officer with a tab can truly offer that concierge-based service that most borrowers are looking for. User can walk into your home, office or a Starbucks and take an application.

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  • Property Management - Interactive map to find properties and manage properties
  • Loan - Track the status and view schedule of bans.
  • Calculator - EMI. Refinance and Affordability.
  • Reports - Customized report that can be shared with other users.
  • Notifications - Daily schedule and alerts with in-built calendar
  • Profile - Profile feature with add/accept options

  • The robust backend module delivers the major part of this application. It integrates with banks to provide live updates of the loan status. The property will constantly update to increase option for the agents.

    Below listed are the Pre-Sales and Post-sales features list available in the app before and after an agent sells a mortgage to the customer:


  • Search new properties
  • Cross sale contents
  • Loan status
  • Prospect list


  • Manage Properties
  • Payment schedule
  • Document storage
  • Report

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