Aara Tech believes in "Be Proactive rather than Reactive". Rather than developing and maintaining multiple, over-complicated, desperate software systems to cater business needs, and that cannot withstand the volatile market challenges, and technology shocks, we offer enterprise consulting services that:

  • Recognizes solutions from a business perspective
  • Identifies similarities between various requirements
  • Offers services in a flexible, reusable way
  • Well-orchestrated Service Oriented Solutions – SOS, complimenting the time tested SOA principle

  • Beyond delivering just software as products, services and implementations, it is a Aara Tech way of offering clients, architectural solutions to :

  • Improvise performance
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Migrate from old to newer technologies to leverage the strengths of cutting edge technologies and precluding them from being obsolete, through non-disruptive smooth implementations

  • Client Benefits:

  • Effective use of new technologies and continual optimization helps you to be a step ahead with a competitive advantage for sustained growth
  • Our flexible architecture design is the key benefit for seamless enhancements required for future business growth

  • Our Business (IT) Consulting solutions help you understand the impact of technology on your business outcomes and use technology to make your most important strategic initiatives succeed.

    Our Business Consultants have expertise in strategy, operations and as well as technology. It is this combination of a strategic business expertise combined with technological knowledge that makes us uniquely qualified to address technology issues. Our comprehensive consulting solutions help you optimize the business outcome of your IT efforts with a comprehensive suite of optimization parameters that map to functional initiatives such as:

  • Business service management
  • IT service management
  • Service-driven operations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance validation

  • This optimization parameter help you bridge the gap between the business & IT goals, align functional initiatives with strategic initiatives and focus strategic initiatives on business outcomes. This results in optimizing business outcomes and delivering IT efficiency at the same time by:

  • Delivering business services that are highly available and that perform to agreed service levels
  • Automating end-to-end processes to speed delivery of services and resolve production problems promptly
  • Reducing the risk of both planned and unplanned changes
  • Planning service deliverables in the context of resources, value and time-to-market commitments
  • Gaining visibility into the actual costs of the IT services delivered in production
  • Optimizing the utilization of your capital, people and assets
  • During business value and IT efficiency at the same time demands that you focus strategic IT initiatives such as application deployments and upgrades on business outcomes
  • Align functional initiatives such as portfolio management and SOA transformation with those strategic initiatives
  • Automate end-to-end processes across IT organizations to promote collaboration, enable teams to share information and capabilities,and manage change efficiently

  • Effective project management is a main objective of Aara Tech. The Aara Tech Project Management group works with all levels of the firm's project team to align with the strategic objectives of each project. The Aara Tech project manager will also work at an executive steering group level. To keep management fully informed on the status of the project, the Aara Tech project manager reports to the project steering group on a regular basis, and advises the group on the project progress, financial performance and risk mitigation strategy. The Aara Tech project manager will provide:

  • Project level strategy
  • Gap analysis
  • Project work breakdown structure
  • Project budgeting and plan development
  • Project oversight and management
  • Communications
  • Status reporting
  • Risk mitigation

  • Aara Tech is focused on continuous process improvement in a cost effective way by offering the best quality assurance services and solutions on time and on budget.

    We provide quality consulting services to assist our clients undertake quality improvement initiatives in business and IT solutions. We help you align your enterprise solutions with your customer expectations and deploy best practices, proven successful methodologies, including Six Sigma and CMM processes.

    Streamlined processes, business-sensitive practices and efficient technology expertise are our secrets of success.We offer Quality Assurance Services with our quality experts in:

  • Defining new quality processes for high quality deliverables
  • Leveraging the power of metrics collected to check the fitness of your existing system/policies
  • Deploying the efficient quality methodologies that uses CMMI quality framework

  • Client Benefits:

  • Aara Tech provides guidance for improving your organization processes and your ability to manage the development, maintenance and support of products and services
  • We ensure efficient, effective assessment through planned audits and improvement across multiple process disciplines in your organization
  • Your business efficiency and quality consistently improves as we ensure that the best practices are incorporated from the key learning of each assessment
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